Growing up #52-52

Now that I have reached the end of this project I can’t help feeling that there is still so much left to do.
I fully intend on keeping up with taking pictures of the kids as they grow, this project gave me the little push I needed to make it a regular habit.
Thanks everyone who has been following this blog, I will try and keep it updated with newer posts and images in the future.

This final set of images were taken whilst Daniel was feeding himself his lunch. As you can see, he still hasn’t decided if he wants to left or right handed.. so for the moment both are good….

when the spoons are gone hands work well..

and if all else fails…

I’m looking forward to getting the book published as a keep sake for Daniel and a reminder of a brilliant year filled with happy memories.
Thanks for reading!


My first haircut #51-52

Daniel got his first haircut today. It’s amazing to see how much he has grown up over the year.
Only one more post to complete this project, it’s been a fun journey.

It had to be done!

Hide the Helper #49-52

I spent most of last weekend emptying the storage space in the attic to install some new insulation. Daniel wanted to see what all the fuss was about and why I was missing for most of the weekend. A very productive weekend all the same, we ended up filling Ciara’s car to the roof for a trip to the dump and recycling centre and my attic looks like the inside of a space capsule.

Daniel spent most of his time pulling out everything I had put away.

and his new favourite game is peek-a-boo

Festive Season #48-52

We had a lovely time over the festive season, too much food and drink and plenty of new toys. Dan-Dan spent most of the morning playing with empty boxes and wrapping paper and I spent nearly the same amount of time looking for batteries, which of course nearly all the toys needed.

Christmas dinner with inlaws..

Trying out his sisters stocking filler..

We had a lovely dinner and drinks at our friends house on new years eve with a sleep over for the very excited kids.

This is what happens when Dan-Dan stays up after midnight..

Finally, Happy new year to everyone!

Monkey see #47-52

We took the gang to the zoo on Christmas Eve to see Santa and also wish all the Zoo residents a Happy Christmas.
Daniel gets a great laugh out of watching the monkeys and apes which still managed to brave the cold weather. Most of the other animals were indoors or curled up.

I’ve no doubt that left to his own devices he would try his best to climb in with them.

Distraction #46-52

Daniel has become a big fan of Fireman Sam episodes on Youtube.
He gives out now if anything else is put on and has no problems letting us know when he wants to watch it, he stands and points at the computer until one of us puts it on for him.

Handy that he has something to keep him distracted long enough for when we need to get things done around the house.