PART I – The Moon –

I have always had a keen interest in photographing the moon since my first point & shoot camera. I have tried all manner of camera & lens combination to try and capture as much detail as possible. Even trying a point & shoot through binoculars. About a year ago I picked up a second hand telescope with built in motorised star tracking. After a bit of research I found I could buy a special adapter to attach my DLSR and use it as a camera lens. The telescope is then transformed into a camera lens with a focal length equivalent to about 400mm on my full frame Canon 5D mk2 body.

Here is what it looks like with my DSLR attached:

It took me well over a year to finally get around to actually taking a few pictures with this setup. After playing about trying to focus on a clear full moon I decided to use a method known as [eyepiece projection] You simply take the telescope eyepiece (in my case I used a 25mm eyepiece)  and you insert the eyepiece inside the adapter tube. You can then use the telescope’s focus mechanism on your subject and compose the shot as normal. I found that using the video or live preview screen helped save my back while setting up the initial shot.

This is the output from using this method:

Pretty impressive for a cheap telescope.

Settings for the shot

Canon 5D mk2 + Meade ETX90 telescope

1/160 @ ISO 50

I hope to try more shots during the warmer summer months where I can photograph star trails & make timelapse recordings while the camera is tethered to a laptop.


Shooting the stars and optimal settings, lessons learned etc…


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