Monkey see #47-52

We took the gang to the zoo on Christmas Eve to see Santa and also wish all the Zoo residents a Happy Christmas.
Daniel gets a great laugh out of watching the monkeys and apes which still managed to brave the cold weather. Most of the other animals were indoors or curled up.

I’ve no doubt that left to his own devices he would try his best to climb in with them.


Distraction #46-52

Daniel has become a big fan of Fireman Sam episodes on Youtube.
He gives out now if anything else is put on and has no problems letting us know when he wants to watch it, he stands and points at the computer until one of us puts it on for him.

Handy that he has something to keep him distracted long enough for when we need to get things done around the house.

Miserable #45-52

Daniel has had a week of misery this week, his sister picked up a dose of hand, foot and mouth in playschool which Daniel also got.
This results in little water blisters on the hands, soles of the feet and in the mouth, these then burst and end up looking a little bit like chicken-pox.
The result was complete an utter misery for the little man.

It’s very sad when they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them or what hurts and with this kind of thing there is very little you can give them for it.

The good news is, he is on the mend and will no doubt be back to his usual cheerful self in no time.