Perfect size #39-52

Couple of photos taken on a recent trip to Glenroe Open Farm in Co.Wicklow.
It’s a great spot for the kids to run wild and a chance for Daniel to feed some animals that are just about the right size for him.
The pigmy goats were his favourites, they are very cute. They kept licking his fingers while he shoved hands full of grass through the fencing. Of course he thought this was hilarious.


Siblings #38-52

In most societies throughout the world, siblings usually grow up together and spend a good deal of their childhood socialising with one another. This genetic and physical closeness may be marked by the development of strong emotional bonds such as love or hostility. The emotional bond between siblings is often complicated and is influenced by factors such as parental treatment, birth order, personality, and personal experiences outside the family.

Seeing Carla(3) playing with Daniel is just amazing to watch. Carla loves her little brother very much and shows so much affection towards him.

Whilst taking these shots she was trying to teach him how to use some of the controls and buttons on his little car which make loads of different sounds, she was also showing how to ride it.
All throughout she made it fun for him and for most of it they just laughed at each other.

Happy Out #36-52

Lately, every time I get the camera out Daniel either sticks his tongue out or he is blowing raspberries.
It will soon come a time when I have to employ stealth tactics to get natural photo’s of him. They happen to be my favourite type of photo anyway, I much prefer shots of my kids when they are not aware of being the subject.

He has also taken to giving himself a round of applause every time he takes a few steps on his own.