Walk in the park #31-52

Late posting this as I was away for the week. This shot was taken in Stephen’s green. We took the kids in for a walk around the park and then the playground.
There was great atmosphere around the park with a percussion band playing, there were also lots of people out enjoying the sun and relaxing on the grass.



Water and muck #30-52

Daniel has a little 3 wheeler push bike which has a carrier on the back that fills up with water in the rain.
He then spends ages putting bits of grass into it and splashing the water all over himself.


No fear #29-52

Most kids don’t have any fears at such a young age be that of people or other. A true test came Daniel’s way the other day when a walking toy dinosaur got a little too close for comfort.
He was fine with it while it was at a distance, but he was not expecting it to get so close as it plodded over to him. He was playing with it once he got over the initial encounter.