Summer Time #24-52

Shots taken at a recent birthday party. Our friends little boy Sam celebrated his 2nd birthday. We all had a great summer afternoon party and BBQ. Weather like this does not come often enough here so we were lucky to have been able to spend it in such good company. Daniel had a great time…

Joy riding a tractor

Practising his Jedi skills

and trying out a new hair style

Little Bouncer #23-52

The bouncy castle has been a super addition to the back garden. The girls had gone to play dress up so Daniel got some alone time to practice his moves!

I only took a couple of pictures for this weeks post as I felt a short video clip would do it more justice.

At first it looks like he is going to get sick but he soon got used to movement. He is easily distracted and as soon as he see’s his reflection in the camera lens he is over like a shot to investigate. Check him out!