A Weekend of First’s #18-52

This weekend saw the coming of a long awaited King family reunion close to my aunts home in Wales. This was planned to coincide with my cousin Emily being home from New Zealand with her 7yr old son Samuel. It was Daniel’s first trip on a ferry and also his first time meeting his uncle (my brother) and his wife as well as his cousin Samson. He also met some of his extended family, my aunt and her partner and of course my cousin and her son. It had been something like 18 years since I saw my cousin Emily and it felt like it had only been a week. With the obvious exception that we all have kids now 🙂


Seeing Daniel play with my nephew Samson was a real treat, I can’t wait for them to be a bit bigger

We all stayed in a beautiful farm house not too far from Llandrindod Wells in Wales. The owners of the farm welcomed us with a freshly baked jam & cream sponge cake. My aunt had also pre-ordered a half a pig for us all for Sunday dinner, the farmer and his daughter took one of the pigs to be slaughtered the day we arrived. The pigs are all raised and feed off the land belonging to the farm. One of the large sows had just given birth to a load of very cute piglets. The whole living farm experience was great for the kids, they had a really good time and waking up in the morning to little lambs, hens and cockerel running around in your front garden is just brilliant.

I’d like to think that Daniel will have made lots of great memories over the weekend but I doubt he will remember any of it at such a young age, thankfully the good company and great weather afforded me the opportunity to take a few nice photo’s to remember the occasion.

A really wonderful weekend.




One thought on “A Weekend of First’s #18-52

  1. Even if Daniel won’t remember, there will always be this blogpost to remind him. Nice report, sweet pics (especially like the low one where Daniel looks up to his big cousin Samson). Must be a good memory for all of you.

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