King of the swing #16-52

We decided to take a drive up to Glendalough for a walk and to enjoy the fine weather. Turns out half of Ireland had the same idea. Who could have guessed?!  The queue of cars to get into the car park at the top lake was all the way back as far as the Glendalough Hotel, so we quickly did a u turn and headed out through Laragh. What started out as a short 20 minute drive to Glendalough turned into one of my favorite drives through Laragh and onto Rathdrum where we decided to visit Avondale House.

Avondale House, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow was the birthplace and home of Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891). With forest and park land stretching out over 500 acres, it’s the perfect location for family walks or a picnic.

There happens to be a nice outdoor playground for kids which was our first stop off point on our walk.  Daniel loved the swings.

Thirsty work…

I didn’t intentionally set out to shoot straight into the sun but Daniel was fascinated by all the colours coming off the front of the lens. Turns out I like the effect..

I’ll upload a few more photo’s from the day over on

Highly recommend a visit and a walk around the grounds and parkland of Avondale house.


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