My son and I #13-52

Daniel often sits on my lap while I catch up on news and other social media. He got very excited when he saw himself on the computer monitor. Ā I had my camera tethered to the PC whilst downloading a new firmware update for my camera. The Canon software allows you to remote control the camera from the PC.

Special Photowalk #12-52

Not much exciting happened all week so I kept my camera on standby in anticipation of the weekend. This weekend’s photowalk was a special one, it was the memorial photowalk to remember Danny O’Brien a much liked and respected photographer from Trim, Co. Meath.

I was fortunate to have spent some time with Danny on the Trim photowalk last year, he was a greatĀ characterĀ and made time to chat with everyone that day, giving out camera tips or passing on local knowledge of the area.

April 2010 Photowalk - Trim, Co. Meath


Sadly Danny passed away a short time after the photowalk last year and it came as a shock to all who knew him.

On the photowalk itself we were joined by Danny’s family as well as many familiar photographer faces. For me this was personally a special day as it was the first time my family have joined me on a photowalk and had the opportunity to meet some of my photographer friends.

Daniel jnr did his usual, he slept the whole car journey from Greystones to Trim and then had plenty of smiles for everyone while we all enjoyed a nice afternoon walk around Trim Castle and the Porchfields.

It’s the first time I have been on an organised photowalk and come home with some nice family pictures, hopefully Ciara, Daniel jnr and the girls will join us for more in the future.

Thanks also to my photographer friends who took pictures of my family, it’s nice to see them through someoneĀ else’sĀ lens/eyes for a change šŸ™‚

More pictures from the photowalk can be found here:Ā

Grand-Mothers Day #11-52

Easy getting a few snaps for this weeks post. Daniel (Jnr) was Christened on Sunday in the Holy Rosary Church in Greystones. It was a nice quiet event, we even had a good laugh when Daniel got a face full of the blessed water from the font and had a face full of smiles afterwards. I think the priest was expecting him to have a good scream. Lucky for him Daniel is a bit of a water baby.

My parents and my wifes parents were delighted to be Daniel’s god parents.


Daniel at the font


God Parents

This weekend was made even more special for us, my mum was able to be there with us. She flew over on Friday afternoon. It’s a pity my dad is not more keen on flying, also driving all the way here from the south of France is a bit much for a short weekend. Still we made the most of having Nana King in the house and the kids loved every minute of it.