For my uncle Andy #10-52

This has been a long week, aside from continued job hunting, interviews and helping out a friend with some IT stuff, I have also been finishing off lots of little DIY jobs around the house, that after 7 years and 3 kids the DIY jobs just keep on coming.

Another good excuse for finishing the jobs is that my mum is flying over to stay with us this Friday as Daniel is going to be Christened this Sunday (Mothers Day). As a way of marking the day we have asked that both sets of Grandparents be his god parents.

With everything going on I was not sure I’d be able to update the blog this week. Still I had the urge to capture something this week and I also wanted to wait until April 1st to post it in time for his uncle’s birthday. My brother, Andrew celebrates his birthday today and has yet to meet Daniel in person.

To capture Daniel’s latest milestone I took full advantage of the natural light that pours into our bedroom from the velux windows.

As you can see, Daniel is now able to sit up on his own. Not for long mind, but for quite a while before he forgets how to stop himself falling backwards. Photo’s of this nature are limited to soft surroundings of course 🙂

He is also slightly obsessed with the TV remote as it has a very bright blue glow to it when you press any of the buttons. This kept him amused for ages and enabled me to concentrate on getting a couple of nice shots of him.

Happy with the results and Happy Birthday Uncle Andy!


This is how I Roll #9-52

Really getting into rolling around whenever he is put down onto his play mat. These play mats surround kids with lots of interesting distractions and he is keen to investigate them all.

There are many small and complex movements involved in maneuvering around the play mat, but for the sake of sanity and the blog post this week I have broken it down in 3 moves 🙂

Step – 1: Launch into a mid roll

This is how I roll

Step – 2: Tummy time (With dribble for extra effect)

Tummy Time

Step – 3: On my back again

On my back again

6 Months #8-52

Daniel is 6 months old today! I can’t believe how fast the 6 months have gone by. I was trying to think of a way to summarise  the first 6 months of having a baby boy in the house, there has been so much going on both at home and of course around the world that to put it all down in words would just take too long. Apart from the unscheduled hospital visit a couple of weeks ago and several natural disasters around the globe, I would gladly rewind the clocks and re-live the last 6 months all over again.

For the past week Daniel has been trying out solid foods, things like Rusks, Baby Rice, Fruit Juice & Fruit Puree. He appears to be enjoying them all, well I think he likes the making a mess bit anyway 🙂 His sisters are very proud of him and are keen to help feed him at every opportunity. We have to keep a close on the girls to make sure they don’t try and feed him any of their food.

The only downside to solid foods is that a lot of my photo opportunities will now include a messy face.

Solid Food

Proud Sisters

Carla & Daniel

My Tongue #7-52

This week has been a week of further discovery for Daniel. After a couple more teeth broke through the gums he then started to rub his tongue over them. We think this must have been a new sensation for him as he didn’t stop doing it all day. Though, most of the time I think he was doing it to prompt a reaction from us….

My Tongue

We would laugh any time he did it, so he kept on doing it and each time we would get smiles back. Despite the constant teething and having 7 teeth already at 5 months old, he keeps smiling.  If I ever feel like being cheered up, I only have to spend 5 minutes with Daniel, he instantly cures me and his smiles are infectious.

Happy Face