The new arrival…

7:00am Drop our 4yr old & 2yr old girls off at the grandparents along with my wife’s car.

7:30am Drive to Mount Carmel hospital

8:00am Check into Mount Carmel & go up to the delivery suites. Ciara then has to answer all the usual medical questions, allergies etc… then they do her bloods, fetal heart rate monitor etc…

9:30am Go to the bedroom assigned to Ciara and unpack things for the week & then we sit down & chill out.

11:30am Walk down to surgery

11:40am My wife is called into surgery……I am then taken by one of the male nurses to change into a set of blue scrubs & Crocs

11:50 One of the nurses comes to collect me from the waiting area & brings me into the surgery suite where my wife is now laying on the table with a smile on her face.

This immediately made me smile as she had a terrible experience the last time she was given a spinal block. The spinal block went too high the last time & caused her a great deal of distress from breathing difficulties. Thankfully the anesthetist this time round was a super chap and very attentive throughout. The surgery room itself was very bright & had a nice fresh feel to it, a massive bay window looking out into blue skies, with the tress swaying gently in the breeze, it’s enough to make anyone comfortable. All the time I was talking to my wife & looking round while our consultant was working away beside me, a small curtain blocked my wife’s view but I only had to glance to the right slightly to get the full view. Just before 12:03 the last cut was made & I suddenly saw my child’s little hands & forearms, then the top of his head, followed by the rest of his body. ‘It’s a boy’ said our consultant & just then our little boy let out his first cry.

One of the midwives called me over to a small weighing station so I could get a good look at him & check everything was where it was meant to be 🙂 She then quickly swaddled him & handed me my son. At this stage I was starting to feel this rush of raw emotions & could feel myself tearing up, I’m not sure if it was because the whole experience was so fantastic & relaxing this time round or if it was because we now have a little boy in the family. I turned & looked at Ciara who was now in tears in joy, I lay our son down on her chest so she could get a good look at him for the first time. It was a very special moment. The midwife then asked if we had a camera, I fumbled around while trying to get the camera out of my jeans which I had on under my scrubs. Eventually I passed the camera to the midwife & this is our little boy, Daniel James King.

As soon as we finished taking photo’s I had to go & get out of my scrubs & then head off up to the nursery so we could weigh, bathed & feed him. Ciara would be heading up to the recovery area soon & would join me in about an hour. I could not get out of the scrubs quick enough as I was so excited about seeing my boy again. I practically jogged back to the surgery suite to meet the midwife & then spent the entire walk & lift journey up to the nursery gazing at him. In truth, new born babies are not very pretty to look at when you see them first, they are fairly lifeless & all covered in blood & creamy white vernix. They leave the vernix on babies nowadays as it acts like a natural skin moisturiser. I personally think it also contains some kind of scent that gives babies that extra bit of nice new baby smell, I further believe this acts like key or trigger that helps parents & baby bond at birth. (Not based on any scientific facts, just my own opinion)

So, now we arrive at the nursery where I meet a male nurse called George, he is one of the full time nurse’s in the nursery. He wastes no time at all putting Daniel up on the scales, Daniel’s birth weight was 7lbs 14oz, he then writes up a batch of wrist & leg tags as well as the special anti-theft security tag. Bit like a security tag you would find in a high street store.

I then went off to grab a cup of coffee & write my text messages, tweets & Facebook status update to send to everyone. The girls working in the canteen probably see faces on dad’s that look just like mine every day of the week, but they somehow find the time to ask you how you are & how the delivery went , what did you have? etc… of course any dad like me who is brimming with pride can’t help himself and tells them the full story in 30 seconds without taking a breath!

The hour Ciara was in recovery really flew by & soon we were all in her room, a happy little family. Here are a couple of the first shots I took of baby Daniel as well as shots of the first time he met his sisters a couple of days later.

























Most of the week that Ciara & baby Daniel were in hospital the majority of photo’s I got looked like this… I had forgotten that all they do is eat & sleep for the first couple of weeks.

So there you have it folks, our son Daniel James King. Writing this for my blog 4 weeks later has brought back great memories. He is as good as gold. Sleeping for 4 hours at a time & thriving.

Ciara is on the mend & is back driving again.

I want to say a very !Thanks! to the staff at Mount Carmel hospital, thanks for making our second baby birth in your hospital such an amazing experience!

To Dr Patrick Tunney & Paula Tunney at the Orwell Medical clinic, Thanks for everything again!

Thanks for reading & Thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted or posted well wishes on Facebook, Flickr,, Twitter etc…