With less than 24 hours until our next child is delivered by cesarean section I can’t help but wonder how our little family is going to change. Carla & Saoirse are very close and enjoy each others company. I hope they can make room for one more.  This image was captured while walking around the Indian Sculpture Park in Roundwood, County Wicklow.

Processed using Silver Efex Pro plugin for Adobe CS4 & I used the ‘Antique plate’ preset. the original colour image & more from the day out can be found in this album over on




People’s Photography 2010

I decided to bring Saoirse along with me to the 23rd Open Air People’s Photography Exhibition. I have met quite a few of the photographers who were exhibiting that weekend and was looking forward to see their stuff in print hanging around the railings of St Stephens Green. It was a day of first’s for Saoirse though, it was her first time going on a double decker bus and it was also her first time walking through St Stephens Green park.

After a whistle stop tour of the railings and a few quick ‘hellos’ to some familiar faces Saoirse was dying to go and feed the ducks in the park. This photo was taken after we had fed the ducks and Saoirse was having her usual sit down and take it all in moment, I think she was rather overwhelmed with the size of the park and everything that was going on around her. Personally I would have loved to have spent that afternoon there taking random pictures. Life in the park that day looked amazing, sun blazing, clear sky, people eating ice cream, kids running around playing, couples sunbathing and others just sitting on benches reading the Sunday paper. Whatever they were doing, they all looked content.

After the park we walked back around the railings, said a few more ‘hellos’ and slowly made our way through town to the dart station. The whole way back Saoirse talked about everything we had seen and done. I was happy that she mentioned a couple of prints which had made an impression on her. A ballet picture by David Ferrie (@davidjf66) and some dog pictures by Kyle Tunney at Personally I thought everyone’s pictures looked splendid and it was great to see so many familiar faces again.

Just a few more days until I meet you…

In just 7 days I will meet my third child for the first time. I had not given a huge amount of thought to this child during the last 8 and half months, mostly because our two girls offer such a constant level of distraction.

Whilst taking these, Ciara and I actually spent time taking about the baby, going through names, and planning how we will manage whilst she recovers from a c-section.  All the time we were taking about it, the baby all of a sudden became very real and I found myself getting excited about meeting it and what it would look like etc… Now I’m properly excited about the whole event.

Ciara was very patient with me while taking the photo’s of her bump. Not easy standing for ages when pregnant. We took some photo’s during the last pregnancy at 32 weeks, these are at 37 weeks & 2 days. I’m delighted with how they turned out.