This little lot came out of my father in-laws boiler house, they had been resting there untouched for at least the last 10 years.

All need some TLC and plenty of new parts to restore them to their former glory. Great project for anyone with a bit of spare time & money.

My favourite has to be the Nottingham built 1970’s Raleigh Chopper with the 3 speed Sturmey-Archer gear hub.  A real classic!



The Moth

I took this while on holiday in France. Saoirse found it lying on the patio table at breakfast time. We think he must have flown into one of the outdoor lights the night before. Unfortunately he was already dead, but the kids were still fascinated by it’s size and wonderful markings. A larger more detailed version can be seen here


Making a splash




On a visit home to see my parents, we took the girls to Marineland in Antibes. It was the first time my parents had visited the Marine park as well so it was a special day for everyone.

Saoirse’s favourites were the dolphins and getting to throw the ball to one of them after the show was a highlight. The penguin’s were fun too, the one pictured here would follow Saoirse’s finger when she moved it across the glass.